How to have electricity installed in your new house in Bali, Indonesia

The Process of attaining an SLO (Sertfikat Laik Operasi) to be approved for PLN to run electricity to your house in Indonesia

1. Register – Create an account using a valid email address at

  • Applicants are required to LOGIN as a user at SI UJANG GATRIK
  • If you don’t have an account yet, applicants are required to REGISTER using a valid email for activation and receive notifications for every service submitted

2. Create an SLO Application – Complete the Installation Data, and Enter the Installation Identity Number (NIDI)

  • The applicant makes an SLO application on the SLO Service Menu by completing the requirements and ensuring that the electrical power installation is ready for certification
  • SLO requirements related to installation layout drawings and one-line diagrams must be accompanied by an Installation Identity Number (NIDI). If you do not have an NIDI, the applicant is required to apply for an NIDI first.

3. Choose a Technical Inspection Agency – Communicate with Institutions regarding schedule, administration, etc.

  • The applicant chooses the Technical Inspection Institute (LIT) according to its scope and submits a schedule for inspection and installation testing
  • Apart from going through the information system, the applicant can coordinate with the LIT further through the contact person listed on the profit LIT who is appointed to carry out inspection and testing

4. Installation Inspection – Carrying out inspections of Electrical Power Installations and reporting of inspection results

  • LIT accepts requests for inspection and installation testing from applicants through the LIT account on SI UJANG GATRIK
  • LIT verifies the initial data of the application and can coordinate with the applicant regarding administration as well as the planned inspection and testing schedule for the installation.
    — If appropriate, LIT assigns Technical Personnel (TT) and Technical Person in Charge (PJT) to inspect and test the installation
    — If it does not match, the LIT returns the application data to the applicant.
  • TT assigned through SI UJANG, conducts inspections and installation tests to the installation site and reports the results of inspections and tests

5. Verification and Evaluation of Examination Results –

  • PJT assigned through SI UJANG GATRIK verifies the inspection and test results reports
    — If appropriate, PJT reports the evaluation results to LIT so that an application for SLO registration and/or SLO issuance can be made to the Directorate General of Electricity
    — If it doesn’t match, PJT returns the inspection and test report for review

6. Registration

  • Ditjen Gatrik evaluates the application for registration of SLO and/or issuance of SLO from LIT
    — If appropriate, the Directorate General of Electricity shall provide No. Register SLO (for LIT Accreditation or LIT Low Voltage Accreditation) and/or issue SLO (for LIT Appointment/not yet Accredited)
    — If it does not match, the Directorate General of Electricity rejects the application data for SLO registration to LIT for re-examination
  • The applicant gets the SLO that has been issued, by
    — KESOM cq Ditjen Gatrik for LIT implementer Appointment/not yet Accredited, or
    — Accredited LIT or Accredited Low Voltage LIT